How to start a weight loss journey when you are overweight?

New Year’s resolutions, the wedding of a relative, or an unexpected event ... there are many reasons why we decided to start losing weight!

And we all started out very motivated, "This will be the diet that changes all!", "This Monday my transformation begins".

The problem is that as sudden as the motivation appeared, it also disappears, but why?

Many times, it is because we do not really prepare ourselves psychologically and/or physically for the changes we want to achieve, and although we have the best intention and the best desire to achieve it, we get discouraged very quickly; either due to muscle pain, an unexpected dizziness or that annoying friend or relative who insists: "but why change? You look good like that"

Losing weight through exercise and changes in eating habits is not impossible, but for this change to be successful, we need to have the correct tools to achieve permanent and sustainable change for the rest of our lives.

Before starting with your new year new you goal, it is important to visit a general practitioner to determine if there is any condition or disease that you did not know you had or that little pain when walking that you are not sure why you feel it, this is because being overweight normally leads or is associated with several diseases among them: cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrines such as cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension.

Being overweight is also accompanied by osteoarthritis (when cartilage deteriorates and degenerates) and back pain.

Do not forget that sometimes cheap is expensive, do not avoid seeing your doctor because it is an "unnecessary expense" it’s better to prevent, to know where you are starting this is to avoid higher expenses in the future due to injury or sickness.

After visiting your family doctor, you are ready to start this transformation, what I advise and from personal experience is:

1. When you start exercising, avoid physical activities that trigger your heart rate to elevate too much, everything at your own pace and if you go from a sedentary life to wanting to conquer the world your heart will not thank you for that.

2. Combine moderate cardiovascular training such as walking, cycling, swimming with moderate strength or muscle training. When you start to exercise it is a myth that you will become muscular by lifting weights, to achieve that you need months, years, of training, but the weights help improve the joints, make the muscles more active and consume more calories even to maintain its state of rest.

3. When you start, focus on exercise that you can carry on a conversation with, nothing that is too strenuous.

4. Stretching and cooling the muscles is of utmost importance, especially if those muscles have been in the office or on the couch for a long time.

5. Start with moderate cardiovascular activities such as cycling, skating, swimming, rowing, going up and down stairs, walking, climbing hills.

6. Go for a walk, but not like it was a Sunday stroll, find a good pace with which you get tired, but you can carry on a conversation.

7. Choose your environment well, sometimes when we start to want to change our habits, but we are overweight we feel observed or out of place in a group class or in a gym, make sure that the environment you choose makes you feel comfortable.

8. Lean on a community that encourages you, talk to your family and tell them how important this is to you. Having the support of the people around you will be extremely important in order to maintain that change that you are looking for so much, because the day you are discouraged, they will be able to push you forward.

9. Seek help from a professional with whom you feel comfortable. You do not know your body well when you start to exercise and many movements such as a squat could be doing it wrong, hurting yourself and your transformation would be slowed down. Lean on a personal trainer a CrossFit coach a group gym, someone who is prepared to guide you during this change that you are seeking to achieve, make sure that you feel comfortable with the coach or gym you choose, since you will place a lot of confidence in their knowledge and how they will guide you through your journey

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